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2020(2019) Honda Sensing Features- Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Honda Sensing

Honda sensing features have been used since 2016-2017. 69% of Honda vehicles have the feature in 2018, most Honda vehicle has Honda Sensing in 2019, and Honda manufacture plans to make Honda Sensing a standard feature in the next couple of years.

What is Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC):

ACC takes cruise control to the next level, not only maintain a set speed, but also a predetermined following distance to the vehicle ahead.

ACC uses the camera of the Collision Warning system and the radar sensors of the Collision Mitigation Brake System to measure the distance ahead and adjust engine throttle or braking to maintain a set following interval.

ACC’s low-speed Follow function on quipped vehicles even allows it to bring the vehicle to a stop and restart when traffic begins moving again.

Think of ACC with the low-speed following as a smart autopilot, keeping a set following distance without constant driver adjustments, and even stopping and start as needed.

Customer Benefit:

Drivers enjoy the added convenience of not having to constantly cancel and re-engage their cruise control when approaching slower moving vehicles. It’s Low Speed Following function also eases the strain of constant stop-and-go driving in heavy traffic.

How to active Adaptive Cruise Control:

To enable Adaptive Cruise Control, you must first price the “MAIN” button on the right of the steering wheel, then press the SET/- button at the desired speed to set speed above 40 kmh. You can see the speed on your dashboard.

Picture from Honda

The picture above shows you where can you see the features are on and where to set it up.

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Sources: Honda Institute; Toronto Honda.

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